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Showcase of Top Projects

In the past decade, Katherine O Creative Community, LLC / Builtfully has partnered with numerous clients involving housing, city planning, design, community development, real estate, and placemaking across the globe. To better understand the type of projects I have taken on, look at this list of case studies with past collaborated projects.

University College London's

The Bartlett School of Planning

Masters Projects

As a Graduate student at The Bartlett School of Planning in London, England, I completed multiple Urban Design and City Planning projects. The Bartlett and local London Councils highlighted two of my school projects in posters and reports in London-based projects and exhibits. My dissertation was the chosen topic as the student speaker and panelist to discuss housing options. If interested in seeing more of my Graduate school projects, e-mail me


Cocktails by Design

Through the Goldstein Museum of Design at the University of Minnesota, College of Design, I was recently was the Advisory Board's Vice President and Interim President until I moved to Boston in October 2021. I co-led the event Cocktails by Design. The event created awareness and fundraised for the Goldstein Museum of Design's mission "to enhance design education through fundraising, community advocacy, and volunteer support." The event series presented a variety of different design shops with signature objects, food, and drinks from local vendors to improve life quality through everyday design.

The School Yard

As a Project Manager for The Musicant Group, I managed The School Yard plaza for the University of Minnesota's McNamara Alumni Center with a partnership on placemaking and programming, including a farmer's market and concerts, yoga, student group activities, and more for all to enjoy. This led to a multiple-year partnership and collaboration to enhance and activate the plaza and green space to preserve it for years to come.


Habitat on the Hill

When working for Twin Cities Habitat For Humanity, I assisted on two Habitat for Hill Minnesota advocacy events. This community event entailed gathering constituents to advocate for affordable housing to their State Representatives and Senators at the Minnesota State Capitol. Its success created awareness and action to provide homes for all. Afterward, I was invited to the Habitat on the Hill nationally in Washington D.C. at the White House. To read more about my experience, check out the blog I wrote here

Photo Credit: Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity

New South Wales Planning Intern

When I was a student at the University of Minnesota's College of Design, I studied abroad and worked for the New South Wales Government Planning Department in Sydney, Australia, where I analyzed potential land developments. In addition, I traveled alongside the Human Resource director to educate the local government professionals through workshops and events on sustainability, affordable housing, preserving significant historic sites, and urban and regional planning.


Costa Rica Global Village Trip

While working for Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity, I went on a mission trip to Costa Rica to build homes and advocated for affordable and healthier homes for all to the government. To read more about my trip, check out the Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity blog I wrote here

Greater MSP Ahead

When I worked for Urban Land Institute Minnesota, I assisted with the Greater MSP workshop event. The goal was to bring together private-public partnerships to create innovations for how people live and work across the state. To learn more, check out the Greater MSP initiative and leadership here


Project Photos

Pop-Up Bikeway Event
Planning Workshop
Park the Street Community Event
Committee Member
Affordable Housing Gala
Pop-Up Housing Dissertation
Greater MSP Ahead Event
PARK (ing) Day Pop-Up
Placemaking Workshop
Placemaking Conference Session
The School Yard Pop-Up Cart
The School Yard Pop-Up Plaza
Global Village Trip
Committee Member
Affordable Housing Committee Fundraiser
Piazza Pop-Up Event
Housing Tour Board Event
Pop-Up Central Station
Community Engagement Activity
Pop-Up Skyway Event
Holiday Pop-Up Activity
Office Event
Dissertation Panel
Chosen Dissertation Student Speaker

Builtfully has experience achieving successful outcomes for various clients, from individuals, non-profits, and city officials. Contact me to help you execute your future project goals!

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