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Through my business, Katherine O Creative Community, LLC/Builtfully, I have established a reputation for delivering high-impact projects, often producing innovative design solutions with limited resources. I believe that great design can enhance lives in multiple ways. I work with various clients, including private and public entities. Browse the complete Portfolio below to see examples of my work, design process, and projects.

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Community Event

 I have a reputation at excelling in supporting community development, engagement, and organizing initiatives in city planning, urban design, and placemaking through the past production and management of over 100 events, sites, meetings, advisory consultations, and workshops over the past ten years. For more details on past projects, check out my resume/CV below.


Skills & Accomplishments

Consultant, Katherine O Creative Community, LLC/


2015 - Present

  • Owner and creator of Builtfully website and services focusing on the benefits of beautifully built places

  • Consultant with a background in outreach, design, event planning, project management, and execution for various clients

  • Committed and resourceful leader with a talent for collaborative consulting to achieve a successful outcome

  • Strong communicator with a creative attitude, design, and technical skills 

Vice President/Interim President, Goldstein Museum of Design Advisory Board

  • Designated as the Vice President to co-lead the Executive Committee, board meetings, and initiatives for the museum to enhance the board's members experience and effectiveness in achieving its mission

  • Advisor for the Facing Change diversity initiative focused on increasing diversity within the board and supporting all voices

  • Project manager for student fundraisers and design events to increase awareness and support for the museum

May 2020 - September 2o20

Project Manager, The Musicant Group

June 2014 - July 2018

  • Produced 29 unique projects focused on placemaking, community events, outreach, programs, and site management

  • Designed organization's website and wrote activation plans for placemaking tips

  • Managed pop-up placemaking projects such as community engagement activities, parklets, bike lanes, business vendors, and festivals, etc. to enhance a variety of spaces utilizing office buildings, plazas, parking lots, and main streets

  • Consulted on design projects in the Twin Cities for public space recommendations on furniture and fixtures, layout, programming, and more


Urban Land Institute Minnesota

May 2011 - May 2013

  • Managed and coordinated over 15 educational programs with topics related to housing, transportation, economic development, and environmental initiatives

  • Coordinated various events, workshops, committee meetings, and programs for public and private sectors 

  • Developed creative ideas, strategies, and designs for a mission engagement strategic plan, interactive ULI Minnesota website, marketing materials, blogs, reports, and more

Associate, Eberhardt Advisory, LLC

  • Supported real estate projects and reports for site selections

  • Provided office management and improvement of all office systems

May 2011 - June 2012

Community Relations,

Events Assistant, Volunteer Coordinator,

Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity

  • Managed and coordinated galas, conferences, workshops, events, along with designing various event materials, creative ideas, and sponsorships

  • Advocated for affordable housing through events, public speeches, and education to various groups and collaborated to educate policymakers 

  • Engaged volunteers with an improved system, outreach programs, and guided orientations 

October 2009 - May 2011

Planning Intern

New South Wales Government Australia Department of Planning

  • Organized events for Human Resources, including meetings, seminars, and work trips

  • Applied creative skills and ideas for large development project

  • Researched housing codes, drafted proposals, and analyzed urban assessments for plans of developments and reuses for specific sites

June 2008 - August 2008


Available for Download


Download for full CV detailing experiences, skills, and specific projects below.


Download my Master's Dissertation on Urban Design and City Planning from The Bartlett School of Planning, University College London. The Dissertation covers in-depth research on tactical urbanism/meanwhile use while focusing on pop-up housing for homelessness, along with a case study on the Place Ladywell development in London. 


I have experience creating and collaborating with numerous clients, from individuals to corporations to nonprofits and city officials. Please read below for testimonials.

“I had the privilege of working closely with Katherine for several years, as she organized and executed events, oversaw logistics, and managed customer service.  Her boundless energy and warm demeanor, along with her management skills, always led to a successful outcome.”

Pat A.

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