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10 Beautiful Places to Visit in London

London Things to Do Places to See...

Are you traveling to London, or is it on your bucket list for a place to visit in the future? This Builtfully travel guide shares the top ten beautiful places to visit in London. There are countless places to go, and one could spend a lifetime in London and not see it all. This list will help you prioritize the must-sees on your trip! London is a dynamic, engaging, and vibrant city to visit with its pastel, colorful row homes, luscious gardens, delicious pub food, cozy atmospheres, historical sites, and modern amenities.

Images from top right to bottom left: London's row home roses, Regent's Park gardens, Soho shopping, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Churchill Arms pubs, Greenwich Park views, and Clipper Thames River boat ride.

Builtfully's beautiful places travel guide is a comprehensive list of the most awe-inspiring places for photography, a full British experience, and memories to last. The travel list has a little for everyone - gorgeous architecture, delicious food, entertaining shopping, English gardens, exciting history, and more. If you are so excited to see the list, skip ahead and go here!

My business, Builtfully, is about showcasing beautiful places, and London is one of my favorite cities. Now that people can start to travel again, I have been asked to put together a list of places to visit and must-dos in London. I lived and studied in central London for 14 months and spent much free time hosting family and friends across the city. London is constantly evolving and changing as any city, but these spots were always my go-to places to bring guests. People were very grateful to know about these must-dos, and I am happy to share them with you.

Travel guides are a helpful way to prioritize and plan your trip. This travel guide will have maps, photographs, and insider information to make your London experience the best way possible. I hope Builtfully's London travel guide provides some lovely travel tips!


How to use this London Travel Guide

If you plan to go to London, save these tips from the list below. Click on the names of places linked throughout the blog for more information. Below is a Builtfully created Google map to showcase all the sites mentioned in this blog.

Along with descriptions and knowledge of each insider tip on the list, there is my travel photography to show these beautiful places. What's better than getting excited about what you are about to see with your own eyes and lens?

During this time, there may be ever-changing travel restrictions and guidelines, so please do your research ahead of time.

For getting around London, I would recommend the best way to see and experience the city, as my British professors would say, is prioritizing going by feet first. It is an excellent way to get your bearings and figure out your favorite areas.

Tips for How to Get Around:

#1. Go on foot!

London is a beautiful city to wander. I used to walk up to 20k steps a day. The best way to experience a city is by walking and taking it all in by your senses.

#2. Sit on the top of a double-decker bus.

#3. Take the tube.

Whichever way you choose to wander, make sure to download the City Mapper app on your phone as it is so helpful in getting around London, and all these transit options will be there to choose from!

Go to the Transport for London website here for all transit options information.

Builtfully's Beautiful Places London Google Guide Map!

The map showcases the beautiful places featured in this blog. Most of the tags are in central London, and a few of the tips are in Greater London too. These will take a bit further to get to by foot. However, they are all reachable by public transit, and something can be visited for a few hours. It depends on how long you are in London, but I have done all these activities and excursions with people visiting me for a few days or a week. Please go at your own pace!

To save this Builtfully beautiful places Google map, go here.

So get your camera ready, because you want to capture these fantastic places in London.


Lovely London List!

Are you ready for the insider's tips? I have curated this list with insights for people who have never been to London before or have not experienced all the unique aspects the city has to offer. The information provided is primarily in central London with a few suggestions in Greater London, depending on your time and energy!

1. Ride a public ferry down the River Thames through famous London sites to Greenwich

Image: London clipper boat ride on the River Thames

My ultimate tip is the first on the list! London has a commuter riverboat public transit option to take the Clipper ferry service on the famous river Thames to hop on. It is such an excellent and affordable way to take in the sites. You can see so many beautiful places in one ride! The ferry goes through central London and passes through architectural wonders such as bridges, churches, museums, a castle, skylines, and more. Plus, you can have a drink and snack on the ride while you take videos or sit back and take it all in.

I recommend jumping on the ferry from the Westminster, London Eye, or Tower of London stops on the river platforms. Then take it and enjoy the boat ride as you go under famous bridges like the Tower Bridge. If you want a guide with commentary, you can take one of the tourist boats too.

Image: Taking in the beautiful Greenwich buildings

I prefer to take the boat down to Greenwich and spend some time in the quaint town with so much history. There is a lot to visit such as Greenwich Park with London views, Royal Observatory for the prime meridian, Old Royal Navy College architecture, and a very British riverside tavern pub called Trafalgar Tavern.

Otherwise, you can look at the ferry schedule and head back the way you came or hop on another form of public transit. The ride is the destination, too, and it is worth it! For ferry information, check out the schedule and where to hop on here.

A by land walking the River Thames option!

Image: South Bank river walk

Suppose you don't have time or prefer to stay on land. In that case, you can do a loop stroll starting at the Westminster Bridge by the Big Ben and walk along the river banks by the London eye towards the Tate Modern art museum, across the Millennium Bridge pedestrian-only crossing towards Saint Paul's Cathedral, and back along to Westminster via Whitehall government buildings. This walk will hit many of the main sites of London. Feel free to stop by or visit any of these places mentioned.

If you want a shorter walk, do the South Bank river walk along the pedestrian pathway and pass by free sightseeing iconic places. For all the Thames London river walks, go here.

2. Stroll through Regents Park and Primrose Hill gardens and park

Image: Views from Primrose Hill near Regent's Park

Regents Park is a must-see public park in central London. It is a lovely place to stroll with quaint cafes, rose gardens, grand architectural mansions, wildlife ponds, and more. It is a sight for film locations and it truly feels like you are in the Mary Poppins movie.

Queen Mary's garden is the most extensive rose collection in London. Check out my photo album and poem dedicated to Regent's Park rose garden in this Builtfully blog here.

At the top of the park is a place called Primrose Hill, and it is worth hiking the hill for the views over London. You will see the skyline and famous buildings such as Saint Paul Cathedral, skyscrapers, Westminster, and more. The growing skyline of London is visible with all the construction cranes. The view is a photographer's dream!

If you have time, stroll downhill to the Primrose Hill high street for beautiful pastel buildings, row homes, shops, pubs, and more.

If you have a bit longer time, make sure to visit my favorite parks and gardens in Greater London called Richmond Park, Kew Gardens, and Hampstead Heath!

3. Take in the views of London from the Tate Modern Art Museum rooftop

Image: Views from Tate Modern museum of the River Thames

From the top of the Tate Modern art museum is a lovely terrace bar for a complete experience that looks over the Thames river and all of London's layers of history. The 360-degree viewing level goes around the museum's top and gives a full panoramic view of London. It's a great place to enjoy after viewing the art in the Tate Modern or a spot to go just for the atmosphere.

You can take beautiful photographs and grab a drink while you do! Go here for hours for the Tate Modern Blatvatnik Building Viewing Level and Tate Modern Terrace bar.

4. Shop and eat at the Covent Garden market

Image: Covent Garden shopping and dining market

Do you like to shop, eat, and drink? The Covent Garden market and piazza are the best for this experience in the heard of West End. Plus, it is so beautiful! The market is now converted into a vibrant, thriving place with shops, restaurants, vendors, and more.

The shopping around Covent Garden has fashion, lifestyle, and dining options. This area of London looks like a 'Disney' version because the architecture is so well preserved. There are pubs all around (which is true for most of London) so make sure to pop in one and get the British experience!

If you want the complete list of all the shopping and dining in Covent Garden, go here.

5. Go to the top of Saint Paul's Cathedral

Image: Views from Saint Paul's Cathedral

Do you want to see a vibrant church that's a London icon? A tour of Saint Paul's Cathedral is well worth the visit. Plus, it's where Princess Diana got married! The tour's exhibit includes much of the dramatic history, plus a world-famous dome designed by the respected architect Sir Christopher Wren that will make anyone look up in awe.

If only one could go to the top of the dome! Oh, wait for it... you can! I climbed the extensive stairways to get to the top, and it was work, but it was worth it. Just look at the views from this photo above!

For more information on how to tour Saint Paul's Cathedral, go here.

6. Tour the Royal Kensington Palace and Gardens

Image: Kensington gardens and palace

Whether you are a Royal fan or not, it is worth touring Kensington palace! The history, the stories, the feeling in the walls, and the decor are a complete experience. The gift shop and cafe have little delicious British delicacies and souvenirs. If you want to experience a High afternoon Tea, there is a beautiful garden offering. I did this with my husband, and the little tiers of goodies, tea, and champagne were a relaxing afternoon retreat.

The Kensington Gardens are free to walk around even without a ticket. There's a new Princess Diana statue in the sunken garden, and the landscaping is lovely. The famous round pound is outside the palace and is connected to Hyde Park. This green space goes on for quite a way with memorials, galleries, cafes, and more. You can walk around the parks for a while or rent a bike.

There are a few other Historic Royal Palaces in London that are open for tours too, such as Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, and Hampton Court Palace. Go check out Historic Royal Palaces for all your royal options here.

7. Walk the canals of Little Venice

Image: Little Venice canal walks

Did I say canals in London? Little Venice? Yes, you read it right! London has canals throughout a variety of neighborhoods. My favorite walk along the water is in the area of Little Venice, with all the white homes glowing hopefully in the sun with their front gardens. London is not always gloomy as the Victorian period dramas like us to think.

The canals have houseboats along the edges with various shapes and sizes and names, for that matter. There's even a cafe on a houseboat. If you would like to stop for breakfast or lunch, it is a lovely way to spend it. You can rent a boat along the canal, walk to Regent's Park, the funky Camden Market, or more.

For walking the canals from Little Venice to Camden, go here.

8. Spend time wandering the Notting Hill neighborhood

Image: Portobello Road market in Notting Hill

When visitors think of London, many have heard of the Notting Hill neighborhood. It must be from the film with the same name. Depending on where you live, the area is full of colorful row homes / terraced housing. The worlds largest antique market Portobello Road is full of unique vendors. There are pockets of other high streets with everything one could want- dining, eating, drinking. It is so quaint that you may be overwhelmed by its beauty!

Side note, if you want to join the trend of picking a favorite colored house or door for a social media post, please be respectful of the people living there.

Image: Churchill Arms pub

If you are in the mood for more exploring, check out the Churchill Arms pub! It is so unique with its outdoor plantings that change with the seasons. It is a photo opportunity just in itself.

For a complete neighborhood guide of Notting Hill, go here.

9. Take in all the sights and sounds of Trafalgar Square

Image: Trafalgar Square in central London

What place in my mind stands out the most in London? I think it is Trafalgar Square with its heritage, statues, and fountains. It is touristy, but it is worth the visit to experience. The grandeur, the history, and the free and extensive The National Gallery museum is all right there.

The square usually has performers, photo opportunities, and architectural interests from every angle! If you have time and interest, visit The National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery with its extensive art collection behind it. The National Gallery has many masterpieces including paintings from Da Vinci, Turner, and more. The National Portrait Gallery has many famous faces from the past and present!

From the square are a variety of directions to go as it connects many known parts of central London. Under the arches leads to St. James park, the mall, and Buckingham Palace, or straight ahead down Whitehall Place street are government buildings such as 10 Downing Street, Westminster, and Big Ben.

See Builtfully's Beautiful London Places Google map above to map it out.

10. Visit the V & A Museum

Image: The beautiful architecture of the V & A museum

London has many museums of every interest, and many of them are free! The Victoria and Albert Museum, or V & A as it is called, is on the list for one reason. The building is an artwork like all the collected objects inside. It is one of the leading museums in art and design.

There are rooms full of antiques, jewelry, sculptures, photographs, and more. The museum has special exhibits, a large gift store, and a courtyard for taking a break or having a drink. I used to study inside the V & A because I truly was inspired by the greatness around me.

To learn more about the V & A Museum and what is happening there, go here.


Now Wander the Streets of London!

Image: London Bridge and Tower Bridge views

After these travel tips, there are some new exciting places to check out and things to do in London that interest you! Travel guides are a helpful way to figure out what you want to must-do and see on your trip. As you can see from the list and map of how to get around, London is a big city with many amenities. It is a city you can wander for days or even years. This list of 10 beautiful places to visit in London will guide you and narrow your adventure.

Enjoy your lovely trip to London, cheers!


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Builtfully is in the process of creating more travel guides, including an ultimate guide to London. I have visited and lived all over the globe, so if you would like a personal guide to other beautiful places, please contact me.

All of the photos in this blog are by me. To see and buy my Builtfully travel photography, go to my shop here.

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